Subtle Healing of Zodiac Signs – Aquarius :: 5th / Throat Chakra


(21 January-19 February)

Ruling planet: Saturn and Uranus
Group: Fixed
Colour: Turquoise

Positive characteristics: humane, visionary, progressive, objective, rational and scientific, good at socializing

Negative or weak aspects: rejects tradition, tries to be different, restless and rebellious

Energy center: the fifth chakra, Vishuddhi


Aquarius is humane, works for humanity

Aquarius is humane, works for humanity, is involved in social matters, progresssive and idealistic. They not only dream because they are rational but they also prefer to be members of organizations that will turn their ideals into reality.

They like everything that is collective. They favor new concepts and change. They work to make the world a better place.

Values individual and collective freedom. Defends modernity but could be stubborn and single minded because of its fixed nature.

Their views are usually beyond those of their era and they are instinctive. They like to approach life like a scientist and in an objective manner. This is why it is not easy to come close to this sign. They like to maintain a distance with people.

They view life with a wide perspective and rationally

They view life with a wide perspective and rationally. Strong friends and will stand by you with their principled behaviour. It is not emotional because it is an air sign.

They are always the ones to produce creative ideas. They are creative, different and rebellious at times since their childhood.

Two planets affect this sign: Saturn and Uranus.

Two planets affect this sign: Saturn and Uranus. You can find the responsibility of Saturn and the originality of Uranus in this sign.

These planets, which also govern our fifth chakra, give Aquarius people their characteristic traits. The Vishuddhi chakra gives us collectivity, love for humans, humane feelings and activities. A good Vishuddhi helps us think of the good of entire humanity, not only of ourselves.

We view life more objectively and are optimistic. Natives of this sign can maximize these qualities by clearing out their Vishuddhi chakra and can be original, visionary, instinctive, free of selfishness, beneficial to entire humanity and successful.


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