Subtle Healing of Zodiac Signs – Cancer:: 7th or Sahasrara/ Crown


(22 June-22 July)

Ruling planet: Moon
Group: Cardinal
Colour: Silver, gray

Positive characteristics: empathy, motherhood, protective, sacrificing and receptive to other people’s needs, strong intuition

Negative or weak aspects: over emotional, offended easily, changing, worries a lot, restless

Energy center: 7th chakra, the sahasrara


Natives of this sign are soft like children, giving and receiving emotionally.

Natives of this sign are soft like children, giving and receiving emotionally. They act with their emotions and protect their loved ones, giving them a special place in their heart. Very protective.

Can become depressed easily due to its constantly changing emotions. Will take a long time to save itself from negative feelings and to build trust.

Displays a tough portrait outside but actually has a sensitive and protective nature. Very soft and good hearted. Can withdraw in its own shell, like the Picture of its sign, to protect itself from being hurt. Complex people who are difficult to understand. Can be very strong and brave at some cases of difficulty and weak and defenseless like children at others.

They need a happy home and security to stay in balance.

Have a developed sense of responsibility, common sense and patience. Dislike quarrels and disharmony.

Can become restless very easily. Their mood changes according to their location and the people with them. Are much deeper people than they appear to be.

This sign is under the influence of the Moon.

This sign is under the influence of the Moon. The Moon governs our 7th chakra, the Sahasrara and effects our emotional side. It takes us to the past and creates melancholy. Natives of this sign often fall under the influence of negative emotions.

The Sahasrara is the last chakra that builds a strong connection with the universal power. If the sensitive crab manages to become objective towards its emotions it can use its real potential to the maximum. It can make great progress in its spirituality and instincts with the guidance of the positive vibrations it receives from the universal energy. This is why it must be able to be objective and not subjective.



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