Subtle Healing of Zodiac Signs – Gemini:: 2nd or Sacral Chakra


(21 May-21 June)

Ruling planet: Mercury
Group: Mutable
Colour: Yellow

Positive characteristics: intellectual, logical, quick grasping, talented in writing and communication, talkative, joyful, full of knowledge

Negative or weak aspects: changing, indecisive, two-faced, artificial, greedy, emotionally insufficient, gossiping, critical

Energy center: the second chakra, swadisthan

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Has a multi-dimensional and colourful personality.

Has a multi-dimensional and colourful personality. Learning is like breathing for Gemini people. Gets bored easily. Thinks and acts fast. Likes to be knowledgable about every topic. They can appear to know alot about a topic just by the way they present it even though they may not be masters of it. Influential speakers because of the way they use words.

Convincing, humourous, witty and funny, good to be with.

Could act without principles and twist events according to their own interests if thinking of themselves only. Could portray imbalanced behaviour because of this. Can change ideas easily and even tell lies.

Can deal with many things at the same time. Interested in research. Make people like them easily with their speech and good manners. Looks for solutions, creative even at the most difficult times. Very easy for Gemini natives to put their feelings into words and weigh their emotions with their rationality. This is exactly why most Geminis are accused of being artificial and emotionally weak.

The ruling planet for this sign, Mercury, is responsible for our second chakra in our subtle system

The ruling planet for this sign, Mercury, is responsible for our second chakra in our subtle system, the Swadisthan. This chakra gives us knowledge, the capacity to learn things easily and creativity.

Gemini people are very talented in obtaining information, absorbing it and thinking creatively in every situation.

However, thinking too much weakens this chakra and creativity loses its spontaneity, thus its effectiveness. Natives of this sign should take care not to tire themselves mentally. Meditation and reaching the state of thoughtless awareness and silence will relax Gemini natives a lot and will help them think creatively.


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